Post-observation reflections

Hello All,


Wanted to share experiences of post-reflection observations.  The initial assessment was mainly 2/3 – areas for improvement – more resources/activities included within the lesson. Pacing – timings, all seemed a bit rushed rather than pacing the contents of the lesson.  Also it was noted I did not address all students by first name terms, plus there was a marked lack of embedding functional skills.  The previous 2 which have been in quick succession have been much more positive.  Good use of resources, different activities, also the freedom for the students to become more autonomous as I like them to conduct their own research and give them the freedom to access resources outside of the classroom environment but not ‘checking’ on them to ensure they are where they say they are going to be so displaying trust in the students.  Also relating the theory to practice – giving them my own experiences as a nurse and how the reality of ‘practise’ is!!! I endeavour to improve the delivery and ensure the students are engaging and enjoying the lesson, oh and the fact they may learn something as a result.


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