Final mentor observation

I felt this session went well. It is difficult to “plan” for a workshop, the lesson plan was not as comprehensive as I would have liked. But I found great difficulty in planning for a workshop. I did write on the whiteboard the aim of the session which was to either for learners to catch up or consolidate all they have learnt within the unit.

In some ways I suppose the observer can identify learning has taken place on a 1-1 basis but it is not as effective as “delivering a session”. I am pleased strengths have been identified, that I was supportive and she identified “learning has taken place”, and the fact I was able to differentiate between learners there were not any developmental points raised.

I feel although it was a difficult lesson to plan, generally I got a lot out of talking to the students on a 1-1 basis as there is very little time to have the opportunity to do this. It allows the students to talk open and honestly about their course, progress, achievements and goals and I feel it strengthens the rapport between students and tutor.

I will endeavour to incorporate more 1-1 sessions in future.


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